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The Free of Heart Center Difference
Douglas Fir FOHC timbers provide superior stability and better appearance than boxed heart timbers. Because timbers dry faster on the outside than in the middle of the timber, tension builds and stress cracks ("checks") develop. Those "checks" will seek the closest point of tension release, and the center of the timber is that point. By cutting the timber out of a portion of the log that doesn't include the heart, that natural release point is removed, and the deep checks and twisting of the timber over time is greatly reduced.
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Soffits - Tongue & Groove

We have a wide variety of T&G solutions to allow easy procurement, great value, and custom selections. Our prime grade W200 center match onesided V-groove is great for ceilings, outdoor pavilions, barns and horse stalls. Flip it over and use it for flooring, its beautiful.

  • Douglas fir, Cypress, Ponderosa and Southern Yellow Pine, and WR Cedar
  • Additional species available upon request
  • Available in traditional and custom patterns
  • 1"x, 2"x;, 3"x sizing available
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